What Ever Has Happened to “Play”?

ow children play today and what toys they play or do not play with. How different it is today. No wonder children try to grow up too fast, have their noses into a computer, and can’t imagine “breaking the rules.”

Repetition in Art

The issue that should be discussed in digital art and whether it is art or not is the concept of repetition. If art is just a series of repeated patterns and forms the artist is either a critiquing the concept of art or the artist is making a statement of where we are today with the concept of art. Either answer puts the concept of “art’ in a very sad, irrelevant place.

Authenticity In Art

What are some objective values that can define art – fairly? True, feelings and senses are all a part of what art is, they are not all that art is.

Don’t Fence Me In

Free will is about our mind’s freedom to think or not to think. Using our mind is really the only individual, unique “freedom” we have. The choices we make are determined by our mind and what we think about along with just having the freedom to think.

Building A Bridge

Art Gives Its Power Away

Building A Bridge

Aesthetics is a subjective feeling one gets and later tries to talk about either visually or textually. The aesthetic is often described as sublime, mystical and invisible. It is hard to place a value on aesthetics because it is so mystical and invisible and subjective.

Conceptual Abstractions

Conceptual abstractions give me a freedom that used to exist in the abstract expressionism movement but has totally been lost in modern day abstractions. This freedom, this process of thinking while creating from abstractions to form a concept, or to rethink a concept and how it has changed.

How We Have Come to Know Reality

How have we come to know reality? Is it caused by the past, history, that forms what we create in the present? Or have we come to know reality as something we create that is soul-y related to our perceptions, senses, and ideologies?