How We Have Come to Know Reality

How have we come to know reality? Is it caused by the past, history, that forms what we create in the present? Or have we come to know reality as something we create that is soul-y related to our perceptions, senses, and ideologies?

Cracks, Breaks and Ruptures

When one sees the cracks, breaks and ruptures that come into play in all spaces – one can also see whether they have played in that space before and whether they want to play in this new space.


The Origin Of Art


I have also been telling people when they ask me when did I know I was going to be an artist – that I have felt that I was called to do what I do, that I have tried to give it up, move onto something else but always come back to making and creating art.

Words versus Images in Art

 Is reality nothing more than a narrative? A visual and or linguistic construction that can be controlled and that controls what we say and how we think?  I reality nothing more than words and images?  If reality is nothing more than a visual or linguistic construction than reality is a figment of what we imagine,

Is Art Like Life?

If art is life does it imitate life? Just the word imitate causes a problem for me. Without going into huge detail I will just say no imitation – if it is art it is a thing in itself.