I have learned how to help others visually read the imaginaries, the concepts that float around in that abstract visual space.

Does Art Matter Any More?

The foundations I have and that I work with when I create a work of art are always challenging me. For example the notion of all art being subjective – as an expressionist I used to live an die by that notion, but lately I have noticed that the foundations that I was taught many years ago don’t work for me anymore.

10x10 acrylic on paper

Creative Muse-ings

10x10 acrylic on paper

What is is that drives a creative person? Why is it I don’t stop, imagining, making, creating no matter what? This blog will be about what drives me as an artist to create, why I can’t stop and what I produce in my creative times.

Blog Statement

This blog is intended to be inspirational, it is also intended to make one think about art in the 21st century and to point out how we know and understand art is changing. Hopefully it will stimulate current thinking about the arts, and at the same time be inspirational. In social forums where it appears