Free at Last

8×8 unframed Watercolor, acrylic and India ink.

There are tons of dragonflies in the backyard right now. Swooping and diving, such a graceful dance. As I silently watch them dancing I think of the time that my daughter, Holly, and I spent the entire day down on the beach watching them slowing climb up the boat house wall and slowly shed their outer skins. The ah moment was always after many times hours of struggling they would release their wings and spread them out to catch the drying powers of the sun. What a miracle, and such a wonderful memory. This past week when we were in Canada I again watched as a dragon fly struggled to release it’s wings and the memory was again refreshed. This painting is of a dragonfly struggling to release it’s wings, which I is why I have titled it “Free At Last.”

It will be at the Manito Art Leagues Art ExhibitionJuly 20-23 at the Manitowish Waters Community Center. It will also be shown during the Northwoods Art Tour in Christine Alfery’s Studio, July 28th-30th 10-5.