Recently I watched the movie “The Greatest Showman.” The movie began with quick flashes of circus things. One thing that immediately caught my attention was the image of a ringmasters coat. It was so striking I stopped the movie and did a quick sketch of a ringmasters coat. And the following day I began a painting which is not called “Ringmasters Coat.” It was inspired by that movie, as was all the other wonderful things that I remembered when the circus came to town when I was a little girl. It was a really big deal. Large circus tents would be set up in the middle of a farmer’s cornfield that was cleared just for this special event. There was just something so magical about the circus – from all the performers and their brightly colored costumes and amazing performances and tricks. Clowns with dogs, clowns with umbrella’s clowns with red noses, clowns, clowns. Beautiful ladies and outfits of glitter and headdresses with colorful feather plumes and sparkling stars. I always took home a Kewpie doll dressed in circus attire. Such a delightful memory of such a magical time.

As I create works for my “At the Circus” series I continue to create from those magical memories. The circus theme fits right in with the way I look at art, as something unique and original for every performance, every event that happened at the circus is just that, unique and always one of a kind. I create paintings with as much childlike freedom as I can gather from my memories as an adult, encumbered in an adult world. I think as I create –how can I think and paint with the freedom I had as a child, unencumbered, going to the magical places like a circus where impossible things happen, where you can dream and laugh a little, dance a little and twirl around.

Artist Christine Alfery has been invited to do a collaborative work /book of art and poetry with poet Ken Lauter.  This book is sponsored by the Cole Art Center in Nocogdoches, Texas.  Ken Lauter chose the works to write his poetry to from the work that was exhibited in the 2018 Texas National Competition.

Christine’s work “Flying Circus” was juried into the Texas National Competition by judge Jed Perl.  It was one of 65 artworks for the exhibition out of nearly 1,000 entries.  This was a new way of mark making for Christine back in the beginning of the year.  Since then she has done about 8 works in this series – she is calling this series “At The Circus.”