Art’s value

The artist often defines this aesthetic space through feelings.  The process feels good for the moment.  It is a euphoric moment; it is often defined as bliss.  


The Path Less Traveled

Art cannot be unique and one of a kind if the artists self isn’t one of a kind.  Artists recognize how hard it is to create that one of a kind as it exposes the self and makes the self vulnerable.

Creative Contraptions

Art like science and technology is about discovery and experimentation. And I believe… that experimentation does mean not knowing what the end result will be. 

Queen of Illusions

I actually felt the same way about his comments as he did about my work, which is interesting and very honest.  Anyway just sharing the ups and downs, pluses and minuses of being an artist. 

Art’s Value, Part II

There is no doubt the aesthetic moments of beauty of bliss exist within art. But it isn’t a mindless moment. It isn’t a moment where we travel freely with no thought.