“A Nice Abstract Feel To It”


Artists frequently ask themselves, “what makes an artwork good? Why did that painting win a prize and mine didn’t?” Because I find it very challenging to compete internationally with my work, and because I find it much more rewarding that trying to find a gallery who will handle my work and be a good match for the both of us, I find I ask myself these two questions often.

New Symbol

A new symbol is emerging in my work. It is a circle that surrounds a dot. I asked myself why in the world as I creating this symbol over and over, and loving it. Then it came to me – it’s the seed of life. How beautiful – just beautiful.

Being Juried by a Working Artist

Hooray for the undemocratic process – as I understand it it is filled with diverse artists and souls like Jerry’s. And not filled with, as the undemocratic judge suggests, a well rounded exhibition with diversity but poor art.

Color Fields

In the 60’s when I was an under grad student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the concept of the aesthetic was defined, understood, and taught, as a sublime, mystical, holy place. A pure space, that was very enjoyable.

The Artist’s Soul Is Not Transcendental

New post “The Artist’s Soul Is Not Transcendental” Douglas Rosenberg, Chair, UW-Madison Art Department quoted Immanuel Kant in his weekly newsletter. Kant said “all knowledge transcendental which is concerned not with objects but with our mode of knowing objects.”