The Little Boy in a Green Shirt

I watched a little boy in a green shirt run as fast as he could to the gate that opened to the board walk. Running down the boardwalk the little green shirt went and as soon as the feet of the little boy could go hit the sand the arms of the little green shirt stretched out and the little boy began to twirl in circles running as he twirled. How long has it been since I have felt that free?


“A Nice Abstract Feel To It”


Artists frequently ask themselves, “what makes an artwork good? Why did that painting win a prize and mine didn’t?” Because I find it very challenging to compete internationally with my work, and because I find it much more rewarding that trying to find a gallery who will handle my work and be a good match for the both of us, I find I ask myself these two questions often.

New Symbol

A new symbol is emerging in my work. It is a circle that surrounds a dot. I asked myself why in the world as I creating this symbol over and over, and loving it. Then it came to me – it’s the seed of life. How beautiful – just beautiful.

Being Juried by a Working Artist

Hooray for the undemocratic process – as I understand it it is filled with diverse artists and souls like Jerry’s. And not filled with, as the undemocratic judge suggests, a well rounded exhibition with diversity but poor art.

Color Fields

In the 60’s when I was an under grad student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the concept of the aesthetic was defined, understood, and taught, as a sublime, mystical, holy place. A pure space, that was very enjoyable.

The Artist’s Soul Is Not Transcendental

New post “The Artist’s Soul Is Not Transcendental” Douglas Rosenberg, Chair, UW-Madison Art Department quoted Immanuel Kant in his weekly newsletter. Kant said “all knowledge transcendental which is concerned not with objects but with our mode of knowing objects.”

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