Recently I have been placing an umbrella in my work. Usually with raindrops and in the piece I am posting here with a rainbow. This piece with the red umbrella has a rainbow off the side. The umbrella represents the power within you that protects and shelters you and your heart and your soul. It is always with you. The rainbow represents a glass half full, always looking forward not back.

Does the art you make have everything you care for in it?

Discussions about art defining life are every where and have been for a long time. I reflect on art and life through individualism, personal individualism. No through the lens of a social commentary of individualism within a herd one of many but an individualism that defines through uniqueness and being one of a kind.

Art Books

I was going through the books and one I was published in had a couple of interesting statements I wrote. It is funny how things change but then again they never change.

ArtPalmBeach 2019

Joseph Gallery will be exhibiting the work of Christine Alfery at the ArtPalmBeach, Palm Beach County Convention Center from January 17-20. On display will be work from her current series “At The Circus.”