The Identifying Key in Art

So how can one find “self” express “self” in their work? The criteria haven’t changed, uniqueness, originality, independence, freedom. What has changed is how those ideas are currently controlled or governed. To pursue self in art one must treat others as individuals, respect the uniqueness of their work, and not be forced to follow in the footsteps of those who want to govern how art and the self in art is understood and is to be governed.

How Does One Find “Self” and “Art?”

Self and art need a purpose to be. They cannot just be the “in the moment” of aesthetics there is no purpose of in the moment other than that moment, there needs to be more. The self and the artist need to give themselves a gift of genuine self-esteem. That means knowing your work and yourself. Ask yourself how is it that you know your “self?” Ask yourself how is it that you know your “art?”

The Self and Art

An artist needs to know themselves, their limitations, their strengths in order to care for and create true art. The self needs to be transformed from the collective selves that exist in social constructions created to create an idea of self.

How Do We Know It’s Art?

Concepts are created from abstractions, abstractions are floating around in the artists mind, and when the artist relates them to something, interlinks them to something they become conceptual.

Art Needs to Be Valued

Art today illustrates the enormous gulf between what we know, that is what is objective, physical, real and knowable and the mystical, the unknowable, superstition and imaginings.

What Ever Has Happened to “Play”?

Now children play today and what toys they play or do not play with. How different it is today. No wonder children try to grow up too fast, have their noses into a computer, and can’t imagine “breaking the rules.”

Repetition in Art

The issue that should be discussed in digital art and whether it is art or not is the concept of repetition. If art is just a series of repeated patterns and forms the artist is either a critiquing the concept of art or the artist is making a statement of where we are today with the concept of art. Either answer puts the concept of “art’ in a very sad, irrelevant place.

Authenticity In Art

What are some objective values that can define art – fairly? True, feelings and senses are all a part of what art is, they are not all that art is.