Creative Contraptions


Science and technology share many surprising connections to art: they were parallel fields of experiment and invention, creativity and construction, matter and energy.
MOMA Curator Michelle Kuo.

I am looking forward to examining the new exhibition at the MOMA with my daughter Holly in June called “New Order: Art and Technology in the Twenty-First Century.”  When I listen to the short video about the exhibition one sentence stood out for me, “Art is always a form of experimentation. By experimentation artists don’t know what the result is going to be.”  MOMA Curator Michelle Kuo.

Art like science and technology is about discovery and experimentation. And I believe, like Kuo, that experimentation does mean not knowing what the end result will be.  One thing to think about is what is the experiment about?  For artists it should be somewhere in the whole order of things, about the idea the concept?  And that idea, that concept should be the artists. It should be a different way to see and look at an object a concept.  It should be fluid.  The same applies to the scientist.

The question becomes when technology enters the playground of art does the artist loose the self?  Where is the self in this machine?  Wasn’t the machine created by another self?  What happens to the self, the soul of the artist?  I look forward to the exhibition.