Does the art you make have everything you care for in it?

“Little Bird.” 3×5 watercolor on sketch pad paper

Does the art you make have everything you care for in it?

Can the art you make say yes to this? Be careful – if you say yes and the art you make repeats another’s statements – then it isn’t the art YOU make but the art others have made and you are merely repeating it.

Think about it – does the art YOU make – have everything in it YOU care for?

Example, I care about individualism – why because others are always trying to refine me. Refining me to care about individualism the way others think about individualism – isn’t what I care for. My individualism defined by others sounds and would look like this: women, female, white. I would rather my individualism be defined as unique, one of a kind, and definitely an original. Defining my individualism that way makes me a work of art and my life and the way I live it a work of art. And go figure – I create art for a living.

Discussions about art defining life are every where and have been for a long time. I reflect on art and life through individualism, personal individualism. No through the lens of a social commentary of individualism within a herd one of many but an individualism that defines through uniqueness and being one of a kind.