Flying Circus

Flying Circus

40×30 watercolor and acrylic on paper

Juror Michael Bailey has selected “Creative Contraptions”  into the Mid-Southern Watercolorists 49th Annual Exhibition at the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock.

Recently an art critic stated, “when defining what he thought art was and the traits of a good artist were, you can tell a good artist, a mature artist when you see that they have developed a style that is recognizable and refined. A good/mature artist is no longer shifting from one trendy media to the next, but has developed and refined the style, and way they wish to make statements further than any other working in the same media.”

I am sure glad that the juror for the 2018 Texas National didn’t think that way because the juror, Jed Perl accepted my new work “Flying Circus” for the Texas National.

I received this email: “Congratulations on having one of your entries accepted into this year’s exhibition. We received nearly 1,000 entries, and our juror, Jed Perl, selected 65 artworks for the exhibition. The dates for the exhibition are April 14 – June 9, 2018.”

“Flying Circus” is so far removed from what I have been doing. I have been searching for a new way to say things and in January 2018 Flying Circus emerged. Yea. I love the discovery, the research, the struggle of working out new and different medias I could never settle into something. Guess I will never be a mature or good artist as the art critic suggests. I will forever play in my sandbox and create different. things. Yes, yes, yes.

“Flying Circus” was accepted into the Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery on line exhibition “Abstraction: Theoretical, Conceptual & Intellectual”

Juror’s Notes: Things I look for in artwork are the effective utilization of the Elements and Principles of Design, Technique, and a message that speaks to the viewer. The idea of a “message” transcends method, media, and technique. For each person this idea of a message is different but unilaterally there for all people viewing the image. It should continue to “talk” beyond the first viewing and cause one to want to continue viewing the image over and over.