Red Sky At Night

 20x60 on paper Acrylic20×60 on paper Acrylic
“Red Sky At Night” received a merit award for the 3rd Annual International Society of Experimental Artists online exhibition.

First Place Award, approaches abstraction by utilizing the elements of color, movement, texture and light to portray the essence of a landscape but something not of this earth. Red Sky at Night has an ethereal quality with a little mystery thrown in by placing the three triangles in the upper left of the painting. They could be figures or perhaps is a graphic representation of the spiritual numbers three.  Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery.
Christine will be displaying new works from her “Movement and Change” series as a solo exhibition, January 25- April 22, 2017, in the new Vault Gallery at the Center For The Visual Arts – Wausau, WI. The gallery will open to the public in February and a grand opening is planned for March.



Ripples in the Water on a Sunny Day
Along The Edge

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