Searching For Golden Nuggets

30×23 Acrylic on Paper

Christine Alfery has won Board of Robert Burridge Experimental Acrylic/Mixed Media Award in the 44th Annual Western Federation of Watercolor Societies’ exhibit, held this year at the San Diego Watercolor Society in the May.

Acclaimed juror Kathleen Conover said of the work, “Golden Nuggets has a lot of different techniques – line, color, texture. It’s very fun and expressive.”

We are pleased to announce that Christine Alfery, a member of the San Diego Watercolor Society, has been juried into the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS) 44th Annual Exhibition to be held at the San Diego Watercolor Society’s (SDWS) gallery,  San Diego, CA   2825 Dewey Road (Liberty Station). Christine’s painting entitled “Golden Nuggets” was one of 100 selected from among 952 entries from nine western watercolor societies by nationally-known juror Kathleen Conover.

Just finished this work.  I started this work during the 2018 Northwoods Art Tour.  I just finished it.  For those of you who visited my studio,  thank you by the way it was such a please talking with you all, this was the black and rusty color figure on watercolor paper that I had a sketch of and was trying to figure out how to make it work like the one I had done before and was posted on my computer screen in the studio.  Yes, yes it is the same piece. If you came on late Sat afternoon or early Sunday morning you probably heard me say – I don’t like this piece, I don’t like the way it is going.  I should just toss it.  Will I didn’t toss it and just keep working on it. And came up with this finished piece.  Somewhere along the way the figure got lost, then the original colors got also got covered and it became a very very different work.  Ah the freedom of an artist.  Yea.
The whole this is why I post this work with my blog post about difference.

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