Telling the Story

“Telling the Story” is also all about the yes, yes, yes in creativity.  I was working on this piece during an open studio time when folks were invited to came into my studio and watch me paint.  Whenever these events happen, I usually don’t like what I did – because I am interrupted so much but this one worked. 

I was talking about different tools I use to paint.  That day I had put a piece of rope on the end of a stick, dipped it into black paint and then moved it around on a piece of paper.  I loved the way the paint went onto the piece.  It was glorious.  As usual there were parts of the work I didn’t like – and parts I did.  So I came in after the black rope mark making and cleaned it up.  If you look closely at the work you can see where I poured white paint over some of the black lines, and while the black paint was still wet I added wet color allowed it to flow and then covered a lot of it up with more white paint.  The trick was not to cover it all up.  Added some color and my story telling icons and wow what a piece.  The wheels at the bottom are movement, getting the story rolling, the beginning, the middle part of the story is the ladder and the movement upwards and the end of the story is the galaxy in the heavens.   

The whole feeling of the work for me was yes, yes, yes, it just flowed.  So different from the creativity felt in The Seeds We Sow, this yes yes yes was shouting at me all the time I was working on it.  The difference though this time I was able to hear it from the very beginning.  In The Seeds We Sow it took me a long time to hear it and work with it.  Every time I look at Telling The Story, I regret selling it.  When and artists feels that way about a work she knows she has allowed herself to be in the work and she hears the yes, yes, yes.