“The Journey – Art, Poetry and Short Stories.”  New Visions Gallery, Marshfield, WI.
Opening Reception

“The Journey I and II”

Collaborative Art and Poetry Exhibition

New Visions Gallery, Marshfield, WI

June 5-23
June 4, 1-3
Opening reception and Poetry Reading

Artist: Christine Alfery Solo Exhibition
Poets: Christine Alfery, Stephen Anderson, Nancy Austin, Michele Bergstrom, , Sylvia Cavanaugh, Jan Chronister, Andree Graveley, Barbara Holt, Joan Wiese Johannes, Mary Ellen Marnholtz, Eileen Mattmann, Jewell McChesney, CJ Muchhala, Robert Nordstrom, Mara Ptacek, Barb Schmeling, Paula Schulz, Nancy TeWinkel, Susan Twiggs, Phyllis Wax, Mary Wehner, Tori Grant Wellhouse, Joey Wojtusik,

A collaborative project between Wisconsin Poets and my artwork.   The logic behind this project is to stimulate, strain and surpass a “normal” explanation of how things can be understood by linking words and images to compound a sense of wonder and discovery for both the word and the image.  How we read, how we see is unique and original to our independent, individual selves. This series of works celebrates this independence and uniqueness and at the same time offers a collective familiarity with images and words allowing viewer to explore the effect words have on images and the effect images have on words and at the same time think differently about the image and the word.

Thanks for all your wonderful poets and writers. Here is contact information for some of them.