The Path Less Traveled


“She Walks Along The Path To The Lake Shore”

There are many paths one can take when making art, because art allows artists to do that – travel on paths not taken by others.  I have often said that the path I take as an artist is a path filled with exploration, and discovery. I have also said that my work is playful, and carries conceptual meaning. I have defined art as unique, one of a kind and original.  The most important work a artist creates how they choose to live their life how to allow their one of a kindness to shine through their work. Art cannot be unique and one of a kind if the artists self isn’t one of a kind.  Artists recognize how hard it is to create that one of a kind as it exposes the self and makes the self vulnerable.  It is the journey, the paths artists take is a lonely and difficult one. It is a journey taken where we do not know what will happen. If we travel the same path as before, if we return to the path we are comfortable with, a safer place, there is no way we can create something unique, one of a kind.  Sometime that is very creative. It is so important as a creative, as an artist that I take the path less traveled.

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Alone on a Cliff