Concept Driven Journeys

For the longest time I have been working on artwork with contents that are associated or represented by the concept of “journey.”  The journey for me can be, concept oriented.  That is what it takes to get an idea going, the research, the break through and discovery of something new, different, unique, original.  My journeys in my work are always concept driven.

There are other journeys to be considered when I create. They might be context driven.  For example some might include the paths others take to reach a certain point, solve a certain problem.  The context can be animal driven, like a herd of elk migrating for the season.  The migration of monarch butterflies, birds.  The historical context of intuits, or tribal travelers.

We have all heard the saying that life is a journey.  For me this saying is a journey of content.  How do I feel about this or that?  Often art or any kind of work for that matter can be content driven that is political, makes a statement about one thing or another.  Women’s rights is an excellent example.

The journey’s in my work are mainly concept driven, but can include, mostly by accident context and content.  My circus series is an excellent example of combining content, concept and context.  Most of my work is a journey. For the most part if it is a personal concept driven journey I will put this work into my journey series.  The works you see below represent concept driven journey’s.  When I am looking for something – solving a problem – the work is concept driven.

Here is usually a path in these works- where I leave my footprint.  Like a footprint in the sand only this is a journey taken in my work.